Clash of Clans Unit Strengths

They are many different units in Clash of Clans and it is most important for every player to learn strengths and weaknesses of every unit in order to make a perfect Army. With that in mind, be prepared a short tutorial that will explain you in details basic info about each unit.

First of all, you should understand that every unit in the game have specific role. They are melee and range units, air or ground units. Units are specific regarding their favorite targets, cost to train and them and damage per second. You should combine all this effects when making your strategy. To make sure you have enough resources you may use clash of clans hacks or tricks to empower your troops. Barbarians are very good low level units that have good amount of health, decent damage per second ratio and most of all they are cheap!

Use them at early levels combined with archers that have medium amount of health and damage per second, but they possess very high range of attack. Goblins are extremely fast units specialize in taking resources. They have very little health and they are very cheap. You can use them as scouts, to activate traps. Giants from other side have amount of health and they are perfect tanks in the game. They are the best units for taking down any defense. Downside of Giants is a fact that they are really slow units and does not have high damage per second. Try to combine Giants with wall breakers to gain maximum effects.

Wall breakers does not have huge amount of health, but they are excellent in taking down defensive walls that may present huge obstacle for other units. If you are thinking to make splash damage Army you should use Wizards and place them behind Giants. They have low health but very high damage per second and excellent range. Combine them with other units and you may create very effective combinations. For aerial attack you should use Balloons, that are perfect for targeting defenses and possess very high damage output. They are certainly slow and vulnerable to air defense, Archers and Wizards.

Healers are support units that will heal your troops and also your buildings. They are very vulnerable to air defense, so you must take this in consideration. Dragons can be very effective as they have huge amount of health and high damage per second. At last, P.E.K.K.A is extremely effective unit with huge amount of hitpoints and very high damage per second attack, but with very long production time.
It is an art to combine Clash and Clans units into useful, ultimate, unbeatable army, and we are hoping that this short owerview helped you a little in understanding their specifics.


Dribbling Tips for FIFA 15

Dribbling is essential skill in FIFA 15 and if you want to become successful you must learn how to perform it properly. We are presenting few tips and strategies that will help you to create more chances for yourself by using dribbling techniques, three or four moves that you will rely on to open up a yard for a shot or a cross. The new dribbling system allows complete control of a ball but also a better reflexes from goal keepers.

First of all, learn which players have what level skill moves and include them in your team. Many players are choosing to dribble with players that do not have great balance nor dribbling stats. If you do not have suitable players  get them via various online solutions like Fifa 15 Hack Unlimited Coins and others and make your ideal team. Players in FIFA 15 take different touches depending on their current speed, so it is always best to determine how many touches you want to take. Players may dribble effectively at a higher pace, but it will also increase the chances of opponent players to take possession from you.

The biggest tip for dribbling is to be as changeable as you possibly can by constantly changing directions and speeds. Try to avoid having a set routine because human players will easily exploit your weaknesses. When dribbling, you need sometimes to stop the ball and do something that your opponent can not read it. To stop the ball while dribbling, just release the left stick and quickly hold L1 on Playstation controller. Another dribbling move you can use is so called stop and go, where you you absolutely stop for some time and continue movement in random direction.

When dribbling, you really don’t need to hold the sprinting button. Sprint only when it’s necessary and when it helps your dribbling and try to change your direction with no sprinting to protect the ball and avoid your opponent. Another way to get past of the defender, is to change the direction of the ball, and move to a different direction by pressing the sprint button. Skill moves will definitely help your dribbling, but it doesn’t mean that a dribbling only can be done with skill moves. In order to perform the double sprint move, all you have do is double tap the right stick in the direction you’re facing and you will kick the ball forward. Improved control over the ball definitely helps with dribbling, but the key is to predict a defender’s movement.


Clash Of Clans: Clan Wars Tips

So, do you like to play Clash of Clans? Is this your favorite game? Well, you are on the right place. We are going to give you a few tips in Clan War. Just read this article and you will find something for yourself.

So, what is a clan war? That is a battle which is strategic, between two clans. There are two phrases of clan war – the preparation day and the battle day. Every Clan War participant can attack two times during the battle day. When the war is over, the clan that earns the most stars from attacking wins the Clan War.

How do you start Clan War? The only members in a clan that can take their clan to war are leaders and co-leaders. By opening the Clan War screen and pressing the option “Start War” button you will start a Clan War. This option will start the search for an enemy clan, and you will be able to see the size of the clan that you are being matched against. After an enemy clan has been found, the Clan War will start right away. You will become a viewer and won’t be able to participate actively in the Clan War, if you join the Clan after this point.

It can take several minutes to find an enemy, but there is no need to wait in the Clan Wars screen. You are going to be notified when a rival clan has been found, so you can close the screen now with the red X button.

What is a war base? On the war map, war base is your home. That is an equivalent world created specifically for Clan Wars. Also, keep n mind that War base is not the village. The village is your home in the normal game and the War Base represents your home in the war map. Your village (for example) doesn’t get locked for the period of battle day, but your war base does. You donate troops to friendly War Bases, you don’t contribute troops to friendly villages for the period of preparation day. Also, you don’t conquer enemy villages in Clan Wars, but you conquer enemy War Bases.

You can leave your Clan during war. Because leaving a clan won’t affect an ongoing war and your war base will remain visible on the war map even if you leave. You also need to keep in mind that your War Base is not your village and all your trophies, resources and even a Shield are not affected by a Clan War.

How are clans matched for a clan war? Matchmaking of clan wars is based on the strength of their clan members. Also, hero levels are the same to member levels within your clan to keep things competitive. The same protocol for Clan War matchmaking, Town Hall levels follow. Trophies have no authority in determining your Clan Wars enemy unlike multiplayer battles. The war immediately starts after an opposing clan is found. There is no scrolling through a variety of clans to fight in Clan Wars matchmaking.


Playing Xbox 360 Games on PC ? Is it really here ?

Xbox is one of the most renowned game consoles and it is loved by millions of gamers across the world. This game was originally only playable on the specific gaming apparatus although there are ongoing steps to build a PC version. Meanwhile, emulators have emerged and they offer a viable option while game lovers owning PCs await their optimized version. Most Xbox 360 emulator reviews have given it a simple description which explains what this software actually does. It is a setup file that allows gamers to play Xbox 360 games on their computers while developers fix the official PC version.

xbox360 gamesPlay all games on PC
With the new Xbox emulator, gamers can play almost any Xbox 360 game on their PCs. There is no need to keep waiting for the PC optimized version. This will give developers enough time to fix bugs and improve experience. However, it does not mean PC owners cannot play their loved Xbox games. The emulator is simply a tool that allows playing of virtually all Xbox games on PC. For this test we choose to look at and their new Xbox 360 emulator in order to choose the right option and see if it really works. As with most things, the most important element of an emulator is the feature set.

Most reviews have listed various types of Xbox 360 emulators each with their own specific features and other general differences. While some may have enhanced capabilities, most features are only differentiated with capacity and advances of the specific feature. The best emulators should demonstrate;
• Enhancement in memory consumption
• Capacity to saving and loading in-game progressesgta4 on PC
• Better screen resolution
• Support for a variety of CPUs and specifications
If the emulator depicts the abovementioned attributes, it is highly likely to be effective and easy to set up. Emulators should be bought from trusted distributors only to ensure you receive the best option available.

Ease of use
xbox controller emulatorOne of the main considerations when purchasing an emulator is ease of use. The emulator must first be compatible with the machine. It should be easy to download, install and run. There are various requirements in terms of RAM and memory. The best emulators will not use too much memory. They feature simple buttons and systems that can run with minimal memory and still produce the desired effect. The interface should also portray ergonomics and ease of navigation. Xbox 360 emulator should integrate effortlessly and run without affecting other functions particularly if you own modern high memory machines. Playing the games should be just as fun and interesting as using the conventional gaming apparatus. Nonetheless, emulators now exist in varied distinctions and it is important to choose from reliable vendors.

Conclusion: Its really one of the easiest emulators we used, the pcx360 delivers incredible experience for all those who do not have the console but would like to play some Xbox 360 games on their PC instead.


The Most Expected 2015 Xbox Games

The best is yet to come is motto which today serves gamers. They expected during 2015 a total development and the outcome of some of the most popular games. Most games that are expected this year gear = ally extensions already proven and popular games or TV series. We represent only some of them, whose sales are expected in the early months of 2015. No wonder if we say that the majority of centers to sell games countdown the days when this games will appear on the Hardline610market.

Battlefield: Hardline

It was announced four different Game Mode, which differ in gameplay (as well as other BF games). The game will have all kinds of vehicles, engines, via armored police vehicles to racing cars. In addition to the MP experience, Battlefield: Hardline will bring enhanced single-player campaign. Moreover, DICE has left the whole experience for a team player who is behind the Dead Space series – Visceral Games. Single Player will feature many cool gadgets latest technology and the story takes on Nick, a character who is in the middle of the law and crime. The story will be episodic (something like Alan Wake-in, TTG-in, etc.). Coolest Gadgets we’ve seen in MP games are Grappling hook – hook that players can attach to any surface and climb on it.

The Order 1886

The Order 1886 immediately sparked attention when it was unveiled at E3 2013. It is a game that will be issued exclusively for the Playstation 4 is developed by Ready at Dawn, in cooperation with Sony’s. The plot of this is set in an alternate history where werewolves are not a myth but a reality. Mankind has struggled against this scourge that during the Middle Ages, a large number of wolf was exterminated or expelled. You are one of the knights of the patron whose main objective is the destruction of werewolves or modern times (we’re talking about 1886) brought a new problem. “The poor of heaven, that a fine can not give” rebelled against the nobility and you have to quell this rebellion. At the same time, “Halflings” ie. Werewolves are coming back stronger than ever.2559561-mortalkombatx_scorpionsubzero

Mortal Kombat X

Scorpion and Sub-Zero are still there, and “NetherRealm” announced four new characters. These are D’Vorah, the woman who controls insects, Ferra / Torr, a couple who make armed female dwarf and masked fighter, then Cassie Cage, daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonja Blade, and Kotal Kahn, inspired by Aztec god of blood warriors. The standard edition will be four armed barefoot Goro, who will be able to obtain only as a bonus for players who are playing ordered by “pre-order” option.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

This game represents a continuation of the popular film and pre-made games. This is actually the tenth continuation of the popular games. The main protagonists are Claire Redfield and Moira the daughter of Berry Burton. The creators of game will let the same on sale in early 2015. The game will be available for Xbox 360 and its price is still unknown.